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Hi welcome to my new blog which is all about singing and how you can get a better singing voice. I was quite late in life to enjoy singing and didn’t really start until I was in my mid 30’s. Since then I have been on a quest to find out as much as I can about how to improve my singing. There are different aspects of a singing voice which can be improved such as your pitch, your tone and your vocal power. Over the next few weeks I will write a few articles on how you can improve each of these as well as some resources on the internet which have personally helped me.

A great place to start for anyone interested in singing is the bbc site which features step-by-step guides on some of the basics of singing.

Ideas for singing when you are uninspired

Occasionally after you have been singing for a while you can hit a plateau. This is when you stop making progress. What you need when this happens is some inspiration that will help you get out of the rut you are in and get back to getting better each day. If this sounds like you then here are a few suggestions to get your mojo back..

microfone1Try something different. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you have been focusing on one particular technique then it might be time to change that to revitilize your self.

Search the internet for some inspiration. Youtube videos of some of your favorite singers is a great way to get out of your head and get your love back of singing again. There are also some great websites such as singing perfection that have some advice that could give you some new ideas.

Get together with some friends who are also into music and bounce some ideas off one another. Getting a new perspective from different people will help and you could also jam together if they play instruments.

Go back to basics and see if you are doing the fundamentals correctly. Sometimes when you reach an intermediate or advanced level you can forget about the basic things such as your breathing that add up to making you a great singer.

You might find that having a singing lesson will help you. Even if you are at an advanced stage of singing, having an objective voice to guide you such as this singing success review could be the thing you need to realise where you’ve been going wrong.

And finally make sure that you are getting enough excercise as this can have a bearing on not only your performance but your overall health.

A Video For Beginning Singers

Here is a free video from Aaron Anastasi who is the vocal coach in Superior Singing Method. It has some very helpful tips for beginners who are interested in learning how to sing –

To learn more you can visit the official site here – http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com/

Which singing method to use?

one of the best things you can do if you are just starting out trying to get better at singing is to get some lessons from a good teacher. Getting professional singing help can save you so much time instead of trying to figure out for yourself the best way to sing. Have a look on the internet for local singing teachers to you. Before you get started make sure you discuss what you want to get out of the class.


If one to one tuition is not for you then there are singing courses sold online which are downloaded to your computer and you follow along to the videos and audios. I have bought a few different ones but by far the best is the Superior singing method by Aaron Anastasi. He is a world renowned singing teacher and has put together a course that features different videos and audios that takes the user from complete beginner to accomplished singer. You can read an in depth superior singing method review here that talks about what the course contains and how it improves your singing.

Whether you choose face to face tuition or a downloadable course, getting singing lessons is one of the best things you can do to improve your singing. It will give you a clear direction and an action plan to follow.

Here Aaron shares a few singing techniques and exercises that give you a flavour of the course…

I personally got a lot out of the course and it has made a big difference to most aspects of my singing. If you want to get serious about your singing then you will need to be shown by someone who knows what they’re talking about how to improve.